Monday, 11 August 2014

I am glad I followed my Heart to Rishikesh to learn Yoga.

Fresh after a break of Sunday, it was great getting back to yoga learning. 

It's been a quiet day so far. An early morning asana lesson at 6  am followed by a physiology class by Vivek. We learnt about Nadis and how one can achieve SUSHUMNA which literally means 'most balanced and beautiful state' which one can achieve after about 14 continuous years of Yoga practice. In this state a person is balanced and doesn't feel any emotions. A person can also taste amrit in his own body if he does it right, and can hence achieve immortality or in other words be able to control all five senses so beautifully that he will not be affected by fire, water. Sounds damn cool. :) 

The teacher also mentioned that Yoga is being a 'woman' and practice of yoga is learning to nurture the qualities of motherhood and a woman. 

It's amazing all that we can achieve if we FOLLOW OUR HEART. I am so happy that I came here. And feel blessed that I am able to experience this amazing journey. My best decisions in life have been when I followed my heart. Just did what I really wanted to do. Not following what the 'society' says. Not falling in for peer pressure. 'People' will talk about 'me' for maximum ten minutes in a day. That's all that 'I' matter to anyone barring the very closest ones. So why really lead my life cause people might think or say this. Better to follow MY heart which I have to live with till the last day. :)

Another very interesting thing that the teacher pointed out was that when a child is born he knows everything. He has worldly knowledge and that a mother can never teach her child, cause the child already knows everything. But gradually after all the conditioning that the child receives from his family and environment he 'learns' things which begin to form his reality. Thus washing away the real cosmos knowledge by the environmental feeding. Food for thought for all parents consistently telling their kids what is good and  what's not all the time.

I had real fun in the asana class today. Felt more energized, balanced and focused. As strenuous as the class might be, after the class is over, I always feel so amazing and happy from inside. We have two asana class / lesson everyday, morning 6 am and evening 4 pm, each of two hours each. Never could I have thought before that 'EXTREMELY LAZY' me will enjoy such hard physical work every day and look forward to a Monday on a Sunday. :) Though there's one asana which I feel scared of and don't really look forward to it.. the surya namaskar! It takes the life out of me. But it's said that it's one of the most important asanas of yoga and it in itself is pretty sufficient for a general yoga practitioner. So I strive hard everyday at it ! :)

Just read in 'swara yoga' book that the ion content of city air is high on positive ions which cause illnesses, depression and emotional anxiety in residents. Is why people escape to the hills to rejuvenate and 'get  breathe of fresh air'. 

No wonder I was I think on the verge of depression in Delhi with all the pollution. yuk. I am so happy with my decision to simply pack up my bags and come here. It was the only thing I could think of doing. The only thing I could do. It was almost as if my soul screeched that it wanted to get out of Delhi and a longing to come here to Rishikesh. I can only thank god for filling me with it and setting me off for this. 

Day 5 ends. Looking forward to tomorrow. This is life.

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