Sunday, 10 May 2015

Two things that helped me be on the road !

So many times people ask me HOW I have been able to travel so much - for almost two years without a job in hand, do I not feel scared traveling alone, where did I get the money for it and so on and so forth. Initially I felt there was no particular answer to it. 'I just did  it' used to be my answer. When I consistently got this question from friends and strangers, I gave it a serious thought. I traced the travel back to the people I met, the ones who influenced me and the circumstances that made me quit my job, pick my bags and just leave. There were many such awesome people and horrible situations that came my way. However two reasons stood out from all this noise. Two main reasons why and how I could finance my trip for so long and how I was able to do it with no fear ( well almost ).

The reasons are real simple. Firstly I had the savings to do it. Secondly I had the courage to do it. And the source of both these is my Mother.

Since an early age she encouraged me to save money. Since my very first job she ensured that a part of my earning was invested. Not only did I have enough savings to travel and live without a job for two years but I also got money pouring in my account while I was traveling from the old investments she had encouraged me to make those past years. So this is the first reason.

Second and the prime reason - the courage. One might have all the money but how do you buy courage? The answer lies in the martial arts training I got for almost four years back in the day and who else but my mother encouraged me for it. When all my friends in school were busy painting beautiful flowers and scoring for the next exam I was out in the Taekwando field kicking some ass ( and getting mine kicked ). That training gave me all the courage I needed to pick my bag and go alone because I knew I could take care of my self ( almost in all situations ). That training has given me all the courage I need for most tough situations in life.

I have never really told my mother about this. I am taking this perfect day, Mother's Day, 11th May 2015, to let my most loved mother know that all the good things I have in life I owe it to her ( along with the bad habits too .. giggle ).

Happy Mother's Day mummy.