Monday, 11 August 2014

Maintaining Energy. Controlling Ego.

Marie, a girl from France, asked Surinder a question .. 'how do you maintain your energy level consistent throughout the day?' He answered saying ' if you feel people who you interacting with drawing your energy out, you should lower your energy and frequency. Also always do you best and work with your heart. Lastly place whichever God you believe in above you and believe it that its him supporting you and carrying you through everything. It will also ensure that your ego doesn't soar. ' very nice words. 

Evening asana class today was v tiring. My energy level was very low. I am still told by others that I am doing well! So that does keep me going. I think I need to buckle up and work a lil harder. I can stil do better :) 

After dinner, Katiya and me went out for dessert. We tried the 'Himalayan queen dessert' which was basically lots of biscuits, with banana, dryfruits and ice cream. ' 

Yummy Himalayan Queen.

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