Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cause I feel happy @ yoga.

9 am / 18 August 2014.

After many rigorous asanas when we were relaxing in the srava asana I studied my life right from childhood till date. Closely feeling the highs and the dips. Realizing what's it's been like. The moments I've been disappointed with myself and moments which made me just happy and be. Finally working up and realizing the 'current' moment where in I was performing an asana, doing exactly what I wanted to and being exactly where I wanted to be. And I felt happy. Happy and smiling. :) it's a beautiful feeling.

Yoga Happy.

Teacher Surinder told us how we oscillate like a pendulum in our lives between our past thoughts and future worries. And how to actually live we need to be in the current moment. It's not the first time I've heard about this. But the way he explained was really nice. He said that we will always appreciate ourselves and be happy with ourselves if we stay in the moment. We feel happy when we are in the middle of nature cause we are in the moment and trying to soak in the experience and are one with ourselves. To be one with our true nature and our soul we need to be in the moment. Beautiful words, thought and way of being.

17:35 / 18 August 2014

Today we had the teacher-practice class wherein every student chose a partner and tutored the partner into a chosen asana while 'teaching' the asana to the entire class, giving detailed instructions and tips at each stage. I partnered with Christian, a guy from California who joined the Ttc class today, and tutored the shoulder pose or the kandharana asana. It went pretty well. Few batchmates mentioned that it went pretty well and my communication was clear and confident. A kind word, a pat on shoulder, a thumbs up, some motivation, always help. It helps to move forward in this life 'happily'.

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