Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Body giving up @ yoga

Last night I couldn't sleep properly. Result. Got up with a horrible body ache. Felt feverish. Went for the morning asana class non the less. The pain continued and I left for my room after lunch. Any kind of a noise or voice was maing mr crankier so I wore my headphones and listened to mantras non-stop. Came back ad passed out in the room. My body was breaking with pain. Got up at 630pm. Missed the adjustment and the evening yoga asana class, unfortunately :(  

Feeling very weak and lifeless. My body seems to be giving up on me ! :(

Finished dinner of aloo paratha at Oasis cafe next to my hostel. Bought medicines, some munchies for the room. Now back in the room, reading the book, 'butter chicken in ludhiana'. It's a sarcasm filled book about India and the tourist life here. It's bang on describing the society just the way it is. 
Hope to sleep early tonight and be regular at yoga classes again. This recent illness pang messed up the focus lately. Have to get back on track and attack it with the same fervor.
Looking forward.

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