Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Zaanse Schans. Key highlight of the Netherlands.

Netherlands and windmills go hand in hand. One such place to see them is Zaanse Schans, a windmill park with an iconic series of working windmills, just outside Amsterdam.

It offers a preserved glimpse of life in Netherlands in the 18th and the 19th century and its damn interesting to walk through the so-called typical green Dutch houses of that century

Many of the houses there are being used for private accommodation and the tenants pay an affordable rent in exchange for maintaining the houses of the area.
Wondering how it would be to live in a beautiful windmill park  but with tourists peaking into their houses all day.

Inside a windmill. Grain being grounded by the energy generated. 

There is so much to see, eat, experience that Zaanse Schans can easily fill half a day or maybe more. It is packed with working windmills, barns, beautiful houses and museums. 

Albert Heijn, which is a supermarket chain, was first started here in 1887. It was really cool. 

 You will also come across chocolate and cheese shops. 
The people living there have their own party bread which they call DUIVEKATER which literally translated in English means pigion-tomcat. 

Klomps so pretty. But how do wear them without getting shoe bites ?! There was a wonderful collection collection of klomps.

Klomps production unit. I was surprised to know about 3 million klomps are made each year in Netherlands and many Dutch especially farmers still wear them

Its one of the key attractions in the Netherlands and going by the number of visitors I saw on just one day I guess there must be millions flocking each year. To be honest though it is one of the key highlights of the Netherlands I had never heard of it before. I did see many Indian tourists there though. 

Have you ever heard about Zaanse Schans?

It is a 45 minutes bus ride from central station Amsterdam. High up in my list of 'favorite places' now. Its good for all ages and a real good one if you have kids. The entry to the windmill park is free however museums and other attractions need a few euros entry fee. 

Would you like to visit this place ? For the ones who do, here is a bed and breakfast I found inside the park. It would be a great place to spend a day I guess. If you look closely can see the contact details. ( lol )

For those who do not want to visit it I would like to quote John Lubbock
"We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth"

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