Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My birthday trip to ZEELAND! Day2. A day in Burgh-Haamstede

Second day began with a heavy breakfast from the huge buffet spread at Hotel ter Duin. An awesomehotel which we got at a good price and it included dinner and twice breakfast. Check it out at  for more details. 

Soonafter, we set out on our bikes to explore Burg-Haamstede. Windmill park with outstanding cycle                                                    art all over. Very close to our hotel.

Inside the windmill, De Graanhalm

On top of the windmill, De Graanhalm

Animals lazying around in the park.

From the Windmill, De Graanhalm, we went cycling ahead into town. A very charming place. Houses so delightful that we just stopped so many times to admire them; building dreams of owning one sometime :) 

Though in the end we decided that traveling around the world and seeing many such beautiful places and unique houses would be far more fun than owning one house in Zeeland :)

A seasoned postbox outside a home on the way to the beach.

On the biking route.

About an hour of cycling through green meadows brought us to the beach!

First look of the beach while walking up the 'Dutch mountains'.

The beach-hut-restaurant serving a variety of yummy beer and delicious lip smacking food!

The beach had heaps of stunning shells. Unlike many beaches most of them were intact and unbroken. 
Gabi picking shells for me :) Sweetheart he is! I have a bag full of them now :) 

After many grey rainy days, a sunny beachy day was perfect way to unwind. Lucky for us, the weather was awesome. 

One must watch out for weather forecast before planning a holiday in Netherlands. You don't want to                                                get stuck in your hotel in pouring rain!

A little yoga on the beach. Couldn't have asked for more! I could practice there forever :)

Late evening dinner in town. 

Day ends with yummybeer!

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