Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My birthday trip to ZEELAND! Day3. A halt at Zierikzee!

Surprisingly I completely lost count of days. I felt we have one more day to go on our lovely trip. Turned out it was already Sunday, the last day of the trip when we were to return home. I was a little sad already checking out of our cosy room in the morning when Gabi reminded me we have another whole day of sight seeing left. Which did brighten me up :)

A lavish breakfast followed. I was busy chomping so I have no pics of the yumzy food to share. This snap is of Gabi and me after devouring the delectable buffet spread. ( arent we looking content ;) 

It was soon time to bid goodbye to our lovely hotel. Packed in car again we were off to Zierikzee, a small city on the way back to Haarlem from Zeeland. We were there in hardly an hours drive through  beautiful grassland. 

First thing to catch our attention was this towering 62 mts tall church called Saint-Livinus Monster Tower also called the Fat tower. I am not surprised by its name :D It definitely was FAT. :) Inside the church were feudal displays of costumes. It was pretty interesting. Paying 2 Euros one could go up the winding stairs to the church top as well. I decided to skip as it was much too windy for me. 

All packed up in warm clothes we trudged along to tour the very medieval looking city. It even has a poetic name says Gabi. Zierikzee! :) I wouldn't know. It all sounds the same to Indian me ;)

Can you spot me in the pic below? Wandering along in the intensely windy weather for the love of traveling!

New church at Zierikzee

                                                             A glimpse of the city hall.

We could see a Windmill from far and Gabi climbed up a bench and then a jumbo dustbin to click this closeup snap of it. 
Windmill De hoop meaning the hope. Cute he !

Strolling ahead we walked past many adorable houses with lush gardens. This one caught our attention. Well trimmed hedge and comfortable seating inside. We almost wanted to invite ourselves in for a coffee !

And this garden actually had deer grazing inside! Why would anyone want to trap these free animals as pets! What happened to dogs and cats! Poor deer. Didnt look too happy to me. Sigh!

 South Harbor Port Gate at the entrance of the old city harbor.

Among many amusing signages and posters I found this set-up and banner exceptional. Sweet!

 Gasthuiskerk (church)

And with that ended our short and sweet trip to Zeeland. It was a wonderful 3 day trip.

Its when traveling I feel most lively. Its been only two days since we have been back and I am looking forward to the next swing already.

Zeeland is a beautiful place. Has the best of all the world's, if I can say. Within a small distance you have mountains ( though not too high), sea, beach, meadows, forests and the most beautiful houses ever! I would love to go back and maybe this time plan a Yoga retreat there! 

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