Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I lost my passport and got a job!

I have many a times heard 'whatever happens in for good' and somewhere I am a strong believer of it ( not every single day of my life but definitely on most days). Recently I had an experience which strengthens my faith in the saying.

About 3  months back, sometime in December 2014, I lost my passport. Everything including my passport was robbed from the car parked in a parking ( not in Netherlands but some other country. Lets skip the name! ). I had a flight booked for Portugal in mid January 2015 but I could not take it anymore. You can imagine my disappointment and anger as I was being kept away from the thing I love and enjoy the most - traveling. But somewhere I just had one thought 'whatever happens is for the good.' Maybe some good was meant in this too I consoled myself. I told my father about it and expressed my disappointment and he repeated the famous words of Amitabh Bacchan ' man ka ho toh acha, na ho toh zyada accha.' ( meaning if what we wish for happens is good and if it does not then it is even better.' I felt glad he said it.

So I could do nothing but apply for a new passport, miss my flight for Portugal, carry on with usual life and most importantly try and take all this in with a positive attitude. 

Just recently ( about a month and a half later) I have got a new passport. Now when I look back at the series of events that have happened since then make me happy and thankful that I actually lost it back then.
  • I applied for jobs during the dates I was to be in Portugal ( Just like I had been for the last 4 months. Getting a job in Netherlands is far more difficult than I imagined). The interviews were spread across three weeks and guess what I got the job. I cant help but think if I had been Portugal I would have missed applying for this particular one which I was meant to get. 
  • My A2 level of Dutch classes got pre-poned from February and for the dates I would have otherwise been in Portugal. 
  • At the passport office I met two girls ( Indian and Indonesian). We got friendly and they have assisted me in my application. The process gained me two new acquaintances and I can comfortably say future friends. I would not have had a chance to meet these lovely two girls otherwise.
  • I traveled to nearby places over weekends and met some great people which I would have not met otherwise. Thus not missing out on traveling either. 
Did I mention here, the day I got the passport the next day I got the job and the day after that I booked my trip to Portugal once again. I went with a free mind and no tension of job applications which I might have had back in January.

My conclusion, accept the not-so-good-things that happen with an open mind and appreciate the good they too bring with them. My faith in 'whatever happens is for good' is made stronger. Not that I will not be disappointed at all when misfortune strikes again but yes this faith will just make it a little less painful and a little more acceptable. 

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