Monday, 9 March 2015

Hindi is super cool too!

It took me months to get a decent job in Netherlands, despite my qualifications and work experience. Reason being, language barrier as it is commonly referred to. Meaning I was needed to know the local language, Dutch well. Almost 85% of the jobs need Dutch professional fluency. And the availability of 15% English speaking jobs in Netherlands, is considered high when compared to countries like Germany and France.

I didn't expect this at all before I found my countless job applications rejected in the very first round and the reason cited was 'a low Dutch knowledge'.

Whatever said and done I have grown to respect this way of the Dutch maintaining and preserving their language and culture. The power and respect they give to their own local language is commendable.

In the months I have spent learning Dutch, which at times seems absolutely illogical with a little too many exceptions for rules, I have grown to love Hindi language more than I did. It is so pure with set rules, mantras (symbols) and akshar ( alphabet ) for every sound. Many a times when I fell short of corresponding English alphabet, I used Hindi akshars to convert and remember the Dutch alphabets or words. I realised how simple yet clean Hindi language actually is.

However it is disheartening to see the importance of Hindi go down in a professional scenario in India. Imagine trying to bag a high flying job in an MNC or even an Indian organisation, without English fluency. Whether you know Hindi or not is immaterial. English is considered cool while using Hindi, our own mother tongue is given barely any importance. Though I have always liked Hindi I have to confess I used to think like this too. I feel compelled to change it.

Recent correction: Hindi is super cool too!

I would want my kids to speak fluent Hindi apart from Dutch, English and maybe couple of more while they are at it ! ;)

Each culture and country has some beautiful offerings and it is worthwhile to adopt a few from each don't you think!

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