Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I believe any goals or targets need to be penned down if they have to be achieved. That is the first step I follow to accomplish any goals. All my 2015 goals are well sketched out and one of the major ones is to travel to 15-20 countries. So here I am penning down the list of countries on my wish-list of 2015. It would be awesome to review it by the end of the year.

My 2015 travel wish-list:

Turkey : I hope to visit Turkey with a friend from India. We do have a rough plan in place and I hope we are able to do it.

Bosnia : It is high in my travel list. Looking forward to visit the Sarajevo War Tunnel and the Bascarsija.

Ireland: Considering the flight tickets to Ireland can be 30-40 Euros return from Amsterdam it will be a sin to not visit this heavenly place.

UK: To be honest I haven't ever been too fascinated with UK however I do wish to experience a Christmas in London. I have been planning this for years and I do hope 2015 Xmas can be in London.

Norway and Sweden : I missed visiting the Scandinavian Countries during my Europe travels and would love to visit this paradise soon.

Morocco: As funny as it sounds I have been wanting to visit Morocco since I saw the movie Casablanca. So 2015 definitely has to see Morocco.

Portugal: I had a flight booked to Portugal in January 2015 and this would have already been ticked off by now if I had not lost my passport in December 2014. I do look forward to getting back my passport soon and making a trip to Portugal and its warm island in the middle of the Ocean, Madeira.

Hungary: Movies do inspire me to travel to places and The Grand Budapest makes  me wants to go to Hungary, though Budapest is one place I have been wanting to for quite sometime.

Croatia: A summer week-ten days have to be spent in the sun and sand of magnificent Croatia.

Luxembourg: I have heard lots of wonderful things about this tiny-miny beautiful country and I shall definitely visit Luxembourg this year.

Denmark: Considering it is stone throwing distance from Netherlands and is considered to be one of the happiest countries of the world, it definitely deserves a quick visit.

Bhutan, Nepal: I missed visiting these countries while I was in India. I hope to visit them this year even if it is touch and go whenever I visit India this year.

Germany, France, Belgium, Italy : I have been to these countries before however there is lots there I have yet to see and I would love to go back and explore new cities, towns and villages.

India: A must.

Netherlands : There is so much to explore in this stunning country apart from just Amsterdam and I do wish to visit different provinces of Netherlands.

While it might seem a crazy travel list I think it is very doable and not outrageously ambitious. It is mostly exploring the neighboring countries and many can be an extended weekend trip, barring the South East Asia ones. I do hope to cover this list and it would be wonderful if I can add more as I go along. :)

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