Monday, 2 February 2015

One month - 19 movies!

January was a full-on movie month with 19 movies! That is, probably, the number of movies I used to see in a year and now I managed to squeeze all these in one month! Wola! Few were really, some were crazily boring, some classics, some new and Oscar nominated and some for which I am not an audience anymore. By year end I would love to review my 2015 movie list. For now the January 2015 ones are:

Heaven is for real ( As the name suggests I do believe that heaven is for real maybe not exactly how it is depicted in the movie. It was interesting to see how the father believed in his son against all odds and did not dismiss what his young son shared )

The magic of Belle isle  ( Sweet, slow and simple movie. Wouldn't mind a second watch simply cause of Morgan Freeman and the dialogues )

Esio Trot ( Sweet - one time watch )

Rocknrolla ( Watched it for the second time and loved it yet again )

Piggy ( The DVD was gifted to me. It has to be revenged and an equally torturous one gifted back! ;)

Boyhood ( Strong message conveyed via a very casual story )

You're not you ( I wouldn't watch it again )

Fanfare ( First ever Dutch movie made. I saw it to celebrate my clearing Dutch A1 level)

Good Will hunting ( Awesome of course )

Inglorious Basterds ( Great movie without doubt however playing with historical facts is just so weird )

PK ( First Bollywood movie Gabi and me saw together in a theater. I wouldn't watch it again )

Unbroken ( Very good message and a good movie however it has too much pain and blood thus I couldn't watch it again )

Tevar ( Typical Bollywood masala and a total time pass)

Love, Rosie ( Maybe I would have liked it some years back but found it dreadfully boring now)

Blackhat ( To me it seemed as if its a movie made for the heck of it. I did not find it special at all )

The Imitation Game ( simply a must watch! It's fantastic !)

100 hour movie ( loved the movie. Very engaging and ohh gives you ideas on how to set right a cheating partner ! ;) 

Into the Woods ( My conclusion- I am not a big fan of musicals and I should watch another one only if it is the last movie available on planet earth )

Lord of the Rings - the two towers ( and they say Bollywood movies are long )

Couple of months back I discovered a hard-core foodie in me and now a movie buff. Simple pleasures of life! :)

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