Saturday, 11 April 2015

Pokhara - Ten things to to!

While Pokhara is majorly frequented by trekkers and used as the starting point for Himalayan trekkers, the lakeside city has enough to do and explore for non-trekkers, like me, too.

Things to do in Pokahara for non-trekkers:

1) Boat-ride in the Fewa Lake:
One ought to take a boat-ride when in Pohkara simply cause there is no reason not to ( unless you have aquaphobia ). I took a three hour boat-ride which included one hour to-and-fro ride and two hours of exploring the island temple and the stupa on the other end of the lake. The boat ride was a little scary and I kept feeling it will topple. I literally hung onto it for my life. A little tip, start early morning at about 6ish for this ride and you will be rewarded with stunning sun-rise views and no crowds of screaming tourists.

2) Barahi temple prayer:
An island temple, about fifteen minutes boat ride, has been very smartly built to attract tourists and give the boat rides additional meaning. There is not to see on it however deserves a fifteen-twenty minutes stop while on the boat ride.

3) Trek upto the Shanti Stupa, Pokhara:
The peace pagoda, or the shanti stupa is located at the other end of the shore, about twenty minute ride from the Few a lake shore. Perched on top of a hill it stands at 1000 mts. A 45 minute trek up with one halt and I was at this Buddhist style stupa with stunning views of the valley and the Pokhara city overall. With this walk up my quota of Nepal trek was definitely done with!

4) Scooty around
If I can get a scooty or a two wheeler ride I never miss it. Scootying around in Pokahar was super fun and highly recommended as it is easy to visit neighbouring towns with your own ride. Every pretty view and my scooty was parked and camera pulled out. Charms of your own ride!

5) Get your Fat-me click at the Devils Fall:
I was a little surprised to see the much hyped devil's fall as it was just one little fenced-waterfall and not much to see around. However on my way out I saw these fixed human structures in Nepali dresses with missing heads. This snap alone made the visit worthwhile for me.

6) Sarangkot stunning views:
My guesthouse owner told me about this adjoining town Sarangkot and mentioned it has awesome views. A fourty minutes ride and I was at Sarangkot and was glad I didn't miss the wonderful sights. It is really beautiful and I highly recommend a visit to this place during first half of the day if in Pokhara.

7) Eating Nepali cuisine:
I felt the Nepali cuisine would not be too different. But it was different enough and I think the spices used were different than I am used to. I have to admit I didn't like it too much for some reason. However trying local cuisine at least once is a must ;)

8) Chill in the cafés
There are so many cafes on the commercialised Lakeside street that choosing one is quite a task. If you are finally able to select one ( I took almost an hour ) out of the many options then chill out at these lakeside cafés. It was funny to be served a Turkish dish and be told by the waiter it is Mexican! 

9) Travel gear shopped:
As Pokhara serves as the starting point for trekker's the market place has tons of travel gear shopping options. It is a very competitive market thus a plus for shopper's. Remember to wear your haggling hat on and have fun negotiating on the street shops of Nepal. Most of the stuff is cheap and pretty good quality. I bought a much needed 40 litres backpack for barely $20. Simply loved it! Happy shopping while at Pokhara.

10) Para-gliding:
As it wasn't the best weather during my visit I missed doing this. Thus if you get a chance to go to Pokhara, do some paragliding and send me the pictures ;)

Pokhara in Nepal is  sweet place to rest and relax. Have fun when you there and drink a Gorkha for me ;)

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